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If you contribute to 2APL project you may wish to join the 2APL-developers mailing list to follow the development related discussions.  The archive of the 2APL-developers mailing list is also publicly available.

How to Get 2APL Source Code

Get Source Code from 2APL Repository

The source code of the 2APL platform is stored in the a SVN repository hosted at If you wish to get the most recent version of 2APL source code, check out the trunk folder of the repository. In Unix-based systems, run the following command:

$ svn co 2apl

If you use MS Windows, install one of the SVN clients, for example Tortoise SVN and run the check out command on the following URL:

Alternatively you can download the current image of the repository as a GZip archive using the Sourceforge SVN browser. Follow this link: Download GNU tarball archive with 2APL source code.

How to Build 2APL Platform

Using Apache Ant

The 2APL repository contains an Apache Ant build file specifying the process needed to build the platform. To build the platform from the source code and run it,  execute following command in the root directory of the repository:

$ ant run

Using Eclipse

If you plan to work with 2APL Java source code, you might take advantage of the Eclipse Java IDE.  Setting Eclipse to work with 2APL code base is pretty straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  1. Downlad 2APL source code to an arbitrary folder.
  2. Run Eclipse and create a new project using File > New > Java Project menu item:
    Creating a Java Project in Eclipse

    Creating a Java Project in Eclipse

  3. Select Create project from existing source option and browse to the folder that contains 2APL source code. Give project an arbitrary name.

    Setting up the project in Eclipse

    Setting up the project in Eclipse

  4. 2APL uses commercial Prolog engine called JIProlog.  In order to make the Prolog engine work, we need to link the licence files to the project. The licence files are placed in the resources/license directory. Right click on the project and choose Build Path > Link Source…

    Linking the Licence Files

    Linking the Licence Files

    Then, browse to the resources/license sub-directory of your 2APL source code and set it as the Linked folder location.

    Linking the License Files

    Linking the Licence Files

  5. Now, you can run the 2APL platform by choosing main class (in src directory) and pressing the run button (ctrl + F11).

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